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Weight Loss Help

by Curt Fletcher
  • Overview

    Effective weight loss occurs through an exercise program and improved eating habits. Thiat makes your body burns more calories than you consume and is the formula for consistent weight loss. Losing weight requires a dedicated effort and consistency.
  • Diet Plan

    Figure you how many calories you can eat per day to lose a healthy amount of weight per week with consistency. This is determined by gender, age, height and current weight. Overeating is a common problem that leads to weight gain. The key is portion control. With proper portion control, you can still eat some of your favorite foods, just less of them. The best diet plan is the one you can perform with consistency for a long period of time. Avoid fad diets; these short-term solutions for quick weight loss rarely offer any long-term solution. Focus on the quantity of food you eat, not on what is eaten. Read nutrition labels to learn how many calories are in a single serving and how large a serving is. This crucial information helps you understand how to properly portion your meals. Choose the foods you enjoy, but purchase the low-calorie substitute when available. When dining out, understand that portions are often much larger than a healthy size. Don't eat everything on the plate; eat only enough to satisfy your hunger. If you feel excessively full, that's the result of your stomach expanding.
  • Cardio

    Do cardiovascular exercise. This is any continuous physical movement performed for a specified time period that increases the heart rate. It burns large quantities of calories during the entire time of the activity. Cardio includes yard work, running, walking, swimming and cycling. This exercise should last 20 to 60 consecutive minutes, three to five days a week. As your stamina and fitness ability improve, you can work out for a period of time closer to the top end of the scale.
  • Strength Training

    Do strength training. This burns calories during the exercise and long after you are finished. After you work out, the body rebuilds the broken-down muscle tissue. It burns calories to get energy for this. This rebuilding process takes place during the 24 hours after the workout. The best way to lose weight from strength training is to lift light weights at a higher repetition count. Select a weight that provides you with muscle fatigue after 12 reps. If you can do 15 reps without a struggle, it is time to increase the weight resistance. Perform strength training two to three times a week, but never on back-to-back days. The muscles need 24 hours of rest to properly rebuild. Exercises can include crunches, military press, pushups, squats, lunges, bench press and leg raises. Select six to eight exercises. Complete two or three sets of 10 reps for each movement. The workout should last between 20 and 40 minutes. Move from exercise to exercise with no more than one minute of rest in between.

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