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What Is VA Insurance?

by Sarah Tidwell
  • Overview

    VA insurance allows past service members to receive health care benefits
    Veterans Affairs (VA) insurance offers health care coverage programs to veterans who are unable to receive insurance coverage from private companies. Because some private insurance carriers view risks associated with military service a liability, they may choose to deny coverage to veterans.
  • Function

    The function of VA insurance is to cover immediate health care bills as well as costs accrued following a veteran's death.
  • Types

    Aside from health care insurance, veterans have the option of auto, life, homeowner's and renter's insurance.
  • Benefits

    Insurance providers charge high premiums for life insurance for individuals who have health risks and, unfortunately, many veterans have health hardships as a result of serving their country. As a result, VA insurance is available to help the families of service members.
  • Payouts

    VA insurance offers the families life insurance payout options to fit the families' financial needs.
  • Considerations

    If veterans do not want to pay the monthly insurance bills out of pocket, they can choose to have the sum deducted from their retirement pay.

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