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Why Use Six Sigma for Employees?

by Jason Chavis
  • Overview

    Car company utilizing the Six Sigma process for success
    Six Sigma is a training program and business management practice used throughout a variety of industries around the world. Employees of organizations utilizing the practice often show an increase in productivity and provide better customer satisfaction. The overall benefit of the program is the fact that it is time tested and operates on a number of different levels.
  • Function

    According to Adams Associates, a company specializing in Six Sigma training, employees can benefit from this training model due to its focus on achieving results for the customer. Six Sigma attempts to make sure the product or service offered is received successfully.
  • Time Frame

    The time frame for achieving a successful turnaround for a product or service can be improved by Six Sigma. Employees can learn to reduce the wasted time in performing a certain process.
  • Features

    One of the major features of Six Sigma training is the use of time management on an individual basis to increase productivity. Employees going through the program are informed of goal setting, improving their skills and keeping a positive attitude.
  • Benefits

    Six Sigma can be a great team-building exercise. Because most companies that employ the program utilize its training benefits on every employee, individuals share a combined focus with co-workers. In addition, a focus is made on the larger organization, bringing the overall goal of the company into light.
  • Significance

    A prime factor of Six Sigma is the development of leadership skills within an organization. By implementing the program, organizations can better identify employees with the best leadership qualities, allowing a better plan for the future of the company.

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