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What Are the Treatments for Hemorrhoids?

by Contributing Writer
  • Overview

    Hemorrhoids, while perhaps not something often discussed in polite conversation, nonetheless affect millions of people and can be an aggravating and depressing condition. Thankfully, treatments exist for getting rid of hemorrhoids, and many of them can be implemented without seeing a doctor.
  • Home Remedies

    To treat hemorrhoids at home, focus on cleaning up your eating habits and making bowel movements much smoother. This includes gently blotting with damp toilet paper after going to the bathroom to avoid rupturing or further aggravating the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a product of excessive straining, so eat a high-fiber diet, which will work as a cleanser and keep bowel movements regular and stress-free. For moderate relief, periodically use over-the-counter creams with a numbing agent.
  • Fixatives

    If home remedies don't get the job done, your doctor can perform a fixative procedure to take care of the problem if external hemorrhoids are the issue. These procedures are nonsurgical and can go a couple of different ways. One way is to wrap tiny rubber bands around the hemorrhoids, cutting off the blood flow. The hemorrhoids will fall off within a week. Another way using lasers to create a pattern of scar tissue around the hemorrhoids. This treatment prevents blood from reaching the veins, and thus they won't become abscessed and protruding.
  • Surgery

    When hemorrhoids are large and internal, sometimes surgery is the only way to remove them. These surgeries, usually done as outpatient procedures, may even be performed for smaller internal hemorrhoids that are bleeding and persistently cause aggravation.

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