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Tips to Make My Computer Faster

by Chris Yokum
  • Overview

    Working with a computer that's slow can definitely hinder your work progress. Waiting for each application to open takes up important time that you could be spending on work. Enhance your computer's performance by changing some of its existing settings for a better user experience. Freeing up hard drive space, performing regular maintenance and going with basic functionality are a few of the quickest ways to make a computer run faster.
    Improve computer speed.
  • Delete Applications

    Remove all unused programs currently installed on your computer. Large applications that take up hard drive space will cause your system to become sluggish or even freeze up. Additional programs such as toolbars, email add-ons and download managers add more unnecessary components that stop your computer from reaching its optimal performance. One of the most common ways of speeding up your computer is to limit the number of programs during the startup process. Go to the "Add/Remove" section to delete unwanted applications. Browse through the displayed list of programs and take off each one that's no longer needed.
  • Regain Disk Space

    Get rid of the files that automatically land on your computer system after an Internet browsing session or downloading new programs. Remove all temporary files and other items that take up valuable disk space. Use the built-in clean up feature to delete temporary Internet files, empty the "Recycle Bin" or remove unwanted applications. Access this tool by opening the "Accessories" link from the "Start" menu. Look for the "System Tools" link and choose "Disk Cleanup."
  • Defrag Often

    Perform a system defrag to place everything back into working order again. Launch the "Disk Defragmenter" by opening the "Start" menu, navigating to the "Accessories" section, and clicking the "System Tools" link. Allow the program to analyze the hard drive space on your computer. The overall scanning process may take a long time, depending on the size of the hard drive. View the results of the defragmenting through the available report to see the repairs done.
  • Disable Extras

    Increase the speed and performance of your computer by adjusting the system settings. Disable animations and other visual enhancements by going to the "Control Panel" section. Choose the "System" or "System Properties" link to change the default settings of your computer. For Vista, click the "Advanced System Settings" link on the left. From the available tabs, pick the one labeled "Advanced." In the "Performance" area, choose the "Settings" button. On the "Visual Effects" tab, select the "Adjust for Best Performance" option to improve the overall function of your computer system. Apply the new changes and press the "OK" button to finalize them.

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