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SoYouWanna donate sperm? Top 10 Questions

How can I find a sperm bank?
Either ask your doctor or look in the Yellow Pages for licensed sperm banks.

Is there a particular age that I have to be to donate sperm?
Yes: between 18 and 34.

Are there certain physical characteristics that I need to have?
Yes. You'll need to be at least 5'11" and be a normal weight for your height.

Do all applicants with the appropriate physical characteristics get accepted?
No. Because of sperm imperfections or family health problems, many of the most selective banks only accept 5% of their applicants.

Do I have to pass a medical exam?
Yes, and a rigorous one at that. You'll also be asked to answer questions about your family's medical history.

Will I be legally responsible in any way for babies made using my sperm?
No, not at all.

Will I have visitation rights to babies made using my sperm?
No. You will remain anonymous and never meet your children.

Is the donation a one-time event, or will I need to make a long-term commitment?
You will need to make a commitment of 6 months to three years.

What are my responsibilities during the time period in which I commit to make donations?
You'll be responsible for maintaining good health and not having sex (with yourself or others) for five days before each "deposit".

How much will I get paid?
This varies a lot depending on the quality of your sperm, the length of your commitment, and the selectivity of the bank. The most you'll get is $200 per week.

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