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Signs & Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

by Nicole Canfora
  • Overview

    Because the signs & symptoms of thyroid problems are similar to those of other diseases, being able to recognize them is essential to getting proper medical attention. Once the symptoms are identified as having been present for a number of months or years, further testing can reveal if a person is suffering from a thyroid disease.
  • Features

    There are two sets of symptoms for potential thyroid issues. One set is indicative of hypothyroidism, where the thyroid is underactive. The other set points to hyperthyroidism, which means the thyroid is overactive.
  • Types

    Signs of hypothyroidism include fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, goiter, unexplained weight gain, trouble concentrating, constipation, brittle nails, depression and cold intolerance. Hyperthyroid symptoms include unexplained weight loss, irritability, goiter, nervousness, diarrhea, tachycardia, shaky hands, sweating, heat intolerance and trouble sleeping.
  • Misconceptions

    Not all symptoms are indicative of thyroid problems--they can be signs of another disease or even nothing at all. And you can either have just one symptom or a handful of symptoms.
  • Time Frame

    Thyroid disease symptoms can manifest over a period of months or years, and may not be immediately obvious. Thyroid problems can also occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.
  • Effects

    If your doctor believes you are suffering from thyroid disease, a blood panel will be done to test whether particular thyroid hormone levels are out of the normal range.

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