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What to Say on Business Gift Enclosure Cards

by Regina Quentin
  • Overview

    Business gift enclosure cards can be a meaningful way to thank customers for their business, show appreciation to employees or recruit new clients. Make them sincere or else they will be ineffective. The task can be intimidating, but personal and professional wording can be achieved simply and will send a positive message about your business.
  • Preparation

    If making your own cards, select quality paper that reflects your brand. Include your corporate logo or name on the front or inside of the card. Decide whether you want to print the cards (time-saving when you have a lot to make) or write them by hand (great business strategy for making a personal connection). Handwritten cards should first be typed up, allowing you to modify and move things, before you transcribe it onto paper and attach it to the gift. The gift should be something useful or significant to the recipient. If keeping costs to a minimum is critical, consider meaningful, low-cost options. You can order gifts from charities that offer inexpensive items (you give a gift and donate to charity simultaneously) or you can use an online Secret Santa service for everyone in your office and then just hand out candy and notes.
  • Opening

    Address the note in a formal manner if you don't have a prior relationship with the recipient ("Dear Ms. Marks"). If that feels too formal or does not fit with your business image, try a semiformal greeting ("Dear Leonard"). If you have dealt with the recipient or business in the past, consider an informal greeting ("Hi, Mary" or "Hey, Susan"). Define your purpose in the first few lines of your card. Help the reader understand whether it is a thank you note, a random gift or an incentive/award for service to the company. For example, "Thank you for being one of our most consistent customers this year." When thanking the reader, explain the specific benefit you experienced. For example, "Your nontraditional marketing ideas caused an increase in sales that advanced us even further as an industry leader." Send notes and gifts of thanks as soon as you can after the event.
  • Body

    Include any important news or express your appreciation for their time or business. For instance, "Next month we will offer reduced monthly rates for customers that have been with us for two years or more. Give me a call to discuss how much your new rate will be."
  • Closing

    Keep the card brief and the tone friendly. Sign off with a closing such as "Warm Regards" or "Sincerely." Sign your full name and title for formal notes or first name only for informal cards (employee recipients or someone you do business with often). Include your business card if you don't have a prior professional relationship with the reader.

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