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Mushroom Growing Instructions

by Anthony Smith
  • Overview

    Cooking enthusiasts often love to include fresh mushrooms in their dishes. In fact, many of them choose to grow their own mushrooms so that they always have an ample and fresh supply. If you are a mushroom lover too, consider raising them yourself so that they are on hand the next time your recipe calls for them.
  • The Right Environment

    Mushrooms thrive in an environment that is consistently cool, dark, and damp. For this reason, it is usually recommended that mushrooms be grown indoors so that the conditions can be controlled. A basement or closet is a common location for raising mushrooms. To get prime growing conditions, get a heated growing pad. These are available at most garden stores.
  • Rooting the Mushrooms

    Mushrooms can be grown in simple baking pans or any other similar container that can hold a couple of inches of composted manure and the mushrooms. Place the pan(s) onto the heating pad, and set the pad to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Add about a 2 inch layer of composted manure in the pan. Purchase mushroom spawn of your chosen variety and simply set it on the composted manure. (Don't bury them.) Spray with a fine mist of water and just wait. Your mushrooms will root in approximately 3 weeks.
  • Growing and Harvesting

    Once your mushrooms have rooted, you will want to change the conditions to one that is best suited for the growing. Lower the temperature of the growing area down to 55-60 degrees, and cover the spawn with about an inch of potting soil. Introduce humidity into the growing area by laying a damp cloth over the pan. Make it a habit to check the cloth regularly and spray it with water any time you notice it is drying out. Check the soil frequently too, spraying it with some water when it is dry. After another 2-3 weeks your mushrooms should be ready for harvest. You will be able to tell they are ready to pick when the cap of the mushroom has opened all the way and has separated from the stem. Start groups of spawn every couple of weeks and you should have a mature crop regularly.

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