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Mouth & Fungus Infection

by Jules Stark
  • Overview

    Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth which is most common in babies and people who use dentures, though it can affect anyone. It is typically easy to treat, but can be more severe and difficult to treat in those with weaker immune systems.
  • Symptoms

    Thrush may cause white lesions on the tongue and throughout the mouth. Pain, bleeding and a cottony feeling in the mouth may be present as well.
  • Cause

    Fungal infections can occur when the natural balance of flora in the body is disturbed, often by antibiotics. Diabetes, HIV and cancer can also make your body more susceptible to thrush.
  • Treatment

    Eating plain yogurt or taking acidophilus supplements should reduce the infection in most people. If the infection persists, or for patients with weak immune systems, antifungal medications are often prescribed.
  • Babies and Nursing Mothers

    Nursing mothers who have thrush need to be treated at the same time as their child, or the infection may be passed back and forth between the two. An antifungal cream may be prescribed for the breasts.
  • Prevention

    You can help prevent fungal infections by eating yogurt or taking acidophilus supplements while taking antibiotics. Also, try limiting your intake of sugar and foods containing yeast, as these may contribute to fungal infections.

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