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How to Make Money by Starting a Niche Blog

by Kelley Branch
  • Overview

    A potential online businesses these days is blogging. Niche blogs are a great way to start out, since they have very specific topics that generate targeted traffic. Since you need traffic (and plenty of it) to make money online, find a niche you enjoy and dominate it. This guide will show you how to choose your topic, get started blogging and conquer the competition.
  • Getting Started

  • Step 1

    Choose a topic. The whole idea behind niche blogs is to find a precise topic so that you receive targeted traffic. Let's say you like crafts and want to blog about them. There are lots of big crafting sites out there getting all your traffic. If you narrow down your topic to 'beginner's scrapbooking' or 'toddler crafts' you get targeted traffic from searches performed for that specific niche. When choosing your topic, be specific enough to get noticed but not so narrow that you run out of things to blog about.
  • Step 2

    Set up your blog. For beginners, you may wish to choose a free service, like blogger.com, to get started. Set up an account, choose a template and start posting articles.
  • Step 3

    Apply Google AdSense. This application will generate ads related to the keywords on your blog and pay you per click.
  • Writing a Successful Blog

    • Step 1

      Post useful information. Keep your readers coming back with useful content.
    • Step 2

      Post frequently. Ideally, you should post to your blog everyday. Establishing a readership requires fresh content.
    • Step 3

      Use keywords to get noticed by the search engines. Sprinkle them generously throughout your articles and be sure to tag each article with relevant keywords. This also helps keep your blog easy to navigate.
  • Promoting Your Blog

    • Step 1

      Bookmark your blog with social bookmarking sites. Digg and Stumbleupon are my personal favorites.
    • Step 2

      Respond to all comments. Be conversational with your readers to keep them coming back to talk to you and read your content.
    • Step 3

      Network with other bloggers. Leave comments on other blogs in your niche and link to them. Most of the time you will get a link back.
    • Step 4

      Submit to blog directories. See the Resources section for a list of quality blog directories.
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