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Long, Healthy Hair Growth

by Garnet Greene
  • Overview

    Long, Healthy Hair Growth
    Long, Healthy Hair Growth
    Long hair is dramatic and beautiful. Some are genetically blessed and can grow long hair effortlessly, others need to follow a careful routine to have long locks.
  • Prevent Breakage

    Understand that your hair is not alive once it's grown out of your head. As such, it cannot be healed of damage. It can be coated or smoothed to improve its texture, but in essence it's no different than a piece of wood. You can wax, or shellac a piece of wood to preserve it, but you can't heal it.
  • Frequent Trims

    To grow your hair to great lengths, have it trimmed every four weeks. Frequent trims are necessary to prevent the breakage caused by split ends.
  • Combs and Brushes

    Use wide-tooth combs on wet hair. Begin combing wet hair at the ends and work up. Do not force a comb through your hair from the roots. Only use brushes with smooth, synthetic bristles on dry hair.
  • Leave-In Conditioners

    Always leave a small amount of conditioner on your hair. You can purchase a product designed as a leave-in conditioner or you can simply leave some of your regular conditioner on your hair instead of rinsing it out thoroughly.
  • Style With Care

    Avoid or limit all styling practices that can damage hair including the use of alcohol-based styling products, teasing or ratting hair, pulling hair back in elastics and heat-based styling tools.
  • Eat Fruits And Vegetables

    A diet high in fruits and vegetables encourages healthy hair, skin and nails.

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