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Homeopathic for Bordetella

by Anna Winden
  • Overview

    Most people who get whooping cough are less than one year old.
    The University of South Carolina School of Medicine (USCSM) describes bordetella as the genus of bacteria responsible for respiratory illnesses such as whooping cough and bronchitis. Several homeopathic remedies may be employed that are safe for use in children.
  • Cina Maritima (Cina)

    William Beoricke, M.D., describes Cina in his book, Homoeopathic Materia Medica, as a "children's remedy." A child requiring this will be very irritable, and won't want to be touched or carried. He will scream, and have a gagging or whooping cough in the morning. You might find that movement makes his cough worse, and he will be afraid to move for fear of another coughing fit.
  • Mephitis Putorius (Meph)

    According to Beoricke, Meph is excellent for the whooping cough in children. He indicates that the child's cough will be very spasmodic and violent, and she will seem constantly excited and moving about.
  • Ipecacuanha (Ipeca)

    If Ipeca is necessary, a child or adult may have either whooping cough or bronchitis. A person might seem irritable and desiring something, but he doesn't know what. Beoricke indicates inflammation or redness in the eyes and blood from the nose or lungs with violent coughs as symptoms.
  • Antimonium Crudum (Ant-C)

    Ant-C treats children or adults who display a white-coated tongue and a sulky attitude, two key signs that this remedy is required, according to Beoricke. She might have a harsh voice from coughing or lose it altogether. The chest and windpipe will itch or burn, and coughs are worse when she gets warm or overheated.
  • Warning

    Do not attempt to diagnose and self-treat your child with homeopathy, as a correct diagnosis requires years of extensive training and takes into consideration many more factors than those listed here.

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