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Homemade Cookie Bouquets

by Rachel Vega
  • Overview

    If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate a special occasion, consider making a cookie bouquet from scratch. Cookie bouquets are festive, eye-catching and edible. They can be gifted for any occasion and presented in different-size containers such as mugs, baskets or vases, according to your budget. They can even be used as centerpieces.
  • Baking

    Mix your dough, shape your cookies and bake them. Push a paper cookie stick (available at baking supply stores) into each cookie before baking, or immediately after they come out of the oven. More than one cookie can be placed on a long paper stick; one at the top, and the other farther down. For shorter pops, use wooden craft sticks. Sugar cookies are a good choice and can be cut into different shapes before baking with cookie cutters, or you can bake round drop cookies like chocolate chip or oatmeal.
  • Design

    Before decorating, decide on a theme. When using sugar cookies, letters and numbers can spell someone's name or a phrase to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. Or, choose seasonal or other themes. Summer baskets could contain flowers, insects and beach gear such as daisies, tulips, bees, dragonflies, umbrellas or coolers. Winter baskets could contain snowflakes, snow shovels or ski caps. Fall baskets could contain footballs, helmets, leaves or even rakes. For a sports basket, decorate plain round cookies as basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, golf balls or hockey pucks. Or add other sports equipment like bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs or skis. For a youngster who enjoys makeup, consider cutting cookies in the shape of lipstick containers, blush pots, nail polish bottles, makeup brushes or mascara bottles.
  • Decorating

    Cookies must be cool before decorating. Pipe royal icing in various colors onto the sugar cookies in your chosen design and add sprinkles, sanding sugar or dragées. To pipe easily, use squeeze bottles or high-quality zip-style plastic bags. If using a zip-bag, fill it with icing and snip a corner of the bag and guide it in the direction of your design, squeezing gently. Chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies can be dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts, or can be left plain.
  • Assembly

    Choose a container and place a piece of florist's foam inside that is large enough to cover the bottom. Poke the cookie sticks into the foam so they end at different levels and fan out in an attractive arrangement. After finishing your cookie bouquet, place floral moss or crinkled paper shreds over the floral foam, and add ribbons and bows to complete a festive look.

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