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Homemade Auto Windshield De-Icer

by Sarah Arnette
  • Overview

    Ice on a windshield can be very dangerous if not properly removed before driving. It can be time consuming to remove, and even dangerous if one slips while trying to remove the ice. Finding ways to prevent or remove ice from a windshield has been a task for those living in the northern sections of the country for years. There are many ideas that people have for ice prevention and removal, but there are just a few known to work.
  • Covers

    Ice and frost prevention can be as easy as covering the windshield of the vehicle. The cover can be anything from newspapers to old sheets. A thin tarp often works the best in this situation as it does not soak in any water from the snow. While this is a very effective method, it can have a few drawbacks. The primary drawback to using the cover method is how silly it can look. Other problems can include getting the cover to stay and removing the cover if the snow is heavy. The cover can be pinned in by the car doors, but that means that one has to open both the driver side and the passenger door, then grab the cover. The weight of the snow can also make it very difficult to remove the cover once it is clear to be removed.
  • Ice Removal Sprays

    The most common ice removal spray is a vinegar spray. This spray is fifty to seventy percent vinegar to water. This helps to quickly remove ice from the windshield. The major downside to this method is the smell of the vinegar. While one does not smell the windshield from inside the vehicle, if the bottle spills, the smell can become overwhelming. Salt and water is another common spray combination. This method is fifty percent salt to water. This mixture can be sprayed directly onto the icy windshield, allowing the ice to melt. There may be a small amount of haze on the windshield due to the salt, but it is rather effective. It is important to note that using hot water is not recommended as it can cause the windshield to break.
  • Ice Prevention Spray

    A solution of seventy percent alcohol to water with a few drops of dish soap can be sprayed onto the windshield before one goes to bed each night. While this solution does not fully prevent ice build up, it does make it easier to remove the ice in the morning. This solution can also be used in windshield fluid tanks, although one should check with a mechanic before attempting this.

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