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Home Remedies for Treating a Cold

by Heather Rutherford
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    Home Remedies for Treating a Cold
    Home Remedies for Treating a Cold
    A cold is an incurable viral infection. While you can take over-the-counter medications to alleviate the symptoms of a cold, most cold medications leave you feeling like a ghost of a person. Typically, to get over a cold you have to simply wait it out. However, there are many home remedies available to treat the symptoms of a cold without the groggy feeling that medications give you.
  • Soup

    It has been said for decades, hot chicken noodle soup can cure a cold like nothing else. Now it has been proven that there is a degree of truth in the statement. Hot broth-based soups like chicken noodle soup work to relieve several cold symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, the salt in the broth helps to dry up some of the mucus in the system and aids in clearing the breathing passages for a period of time. The heat can also help kill bacteria aiding in a faster recovery. Additionally, the combination of salt and heat can diminish a sore throat for hours.
  • Neti Pot

    A neti pot is a cold treatment device used to clear a stuffed nose. This pot looks like a small teapot or genie lamp. Add a little warm water to the pot with a small amount of salt and mix together. Now, lean over a sink with your head titled so that one nostril is towards the sink and the other is towards the ceiling. Open your mouth slightly and begin to pour some of the water into the top nostril. As the airways open, the water will begin to fall out of the other nostril. Once finished, dry you nose and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Salt Water

    As mentioned before, salt aids in easing a sore throat. If you are not hungry for soup there is always the option to gargle salt water. Salt water helps in clearing the inflammation that causes a sore throat. Gargling a salt water solution every time the throat flares up and directly before bed will help you to feel healthier in no time.
  • Ginger

    Although uncommon, a cold is sometimes accompanied by nausea. To combat this feeling chew on a little fresh ginger or eat a couple of ginger snaps to ease the stomach and avoid vomiting. Ginger is also perfect for clearing the nasal passages. It is a fairly strong spice that bites the tongue. This bite will make a clogged nose run allowing you to blow your nose thoroughly.
  • Alternative Medicine

    The U.S. Department of Medicine suggests that taking echinacea in the early stages of a cold may help to limit the length of the cold and diminish the severity. Studies also show some promising hope for zinc. Taking zinc lozenges in the early stages of a cold has been shown to be helpful in reducing the severity of a cold. However, due to a potentially permanent loss of smell, zinc nasal sprays are discouraged.

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