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Herbs and Vitamins for Dry Skin

by Robert Allen
  • Overview

    Dry skin isn't usually a serious condition, but it can be frustrating, unsightly and uncomfortable. Over time, dry skin can lead to wrinkles, lines on the face and body and other blemishes. Some more serious types of dry skin can even lead to disfigurement. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can treat your dry skin, including using certain herbs and vitamins.
  • Vitamin E

    One of the primary vitamins for dry skin is vitamin E. Apply vitamin E externally in order to correct dry skin conditions. In fact, many of the commercially-available skin moisturizers on the market today contain vitamin E as a primary ingredient. Vitamin E is thought to work on the entire body, from head to toes. Other vitamins, for the most part, have not been shown to alleviate dry skin.
  • Herbs

    There are a number of herbs you can use to help with dry skin. Herbs for dry skin include chamomile, palmarosa, lavender, rose geranium and fennel. In addition, small doses of rosemary or peppermint can help your dry skin. These herbs are also indicated for dry complexions and may help more than just your dry skin.
  • Applying Herbs and Vitamins

    There are a number of ways to use these vitamins and herbs to help your dry skin. For example, you can use these herbs in an essential oil form and put them in your bath. You can use essential oils in a spray spritzer bottle to mist your skin. You can use moisturizing products that contain vitamin E or bath salts that incorporate any number of these herbs and vitamins. You should apply these herbs and vitamins either as a part of a bath or immediately after. This helps your skin from drying out quickly after your bath, and protects it from the elements you're about to be exposed to. You can reapply these herbs and vitamins periodically throughout the day, although probably not more often than about once every couple of hours.
  • Preventing Dry Skin

    While you can use natural vitamins and herbs to treat dry skin, prevention is a part of treatment. You can prevent dry skin by using warm water instead of hot when you bathe, and limiting your bathing time to 15 minutes or less. Hot water, especially over time, can remove natural oils from your skin. You should also avoid harsh soaps, as they tend to dry the skin.

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