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How to Explain Hearing Aids to Kids

by Monica J. Miller
  • Overview

    Whether your children are curious about Grandpa's hearing aid or you are a teacher looking to explain a hearing aid's function to children, you may wish to use a visual aid for your lesson. It may seem complicated to explain hearing aids to kids, but with some simple technology and a couple of volunteers, you can easily show children how hearing aids help people hear better. Follow a few simple steps to explain the function of hearing aids to kids.
  • Steps to Prepare for the Lesson

  • Step 1

    Draw a large ear on the piece of paper. Cut the ear out of the paper. Cut a round 2-inch hole in the center of the ear to represent the ear canal.
  • Step 2

    Place the microphone and amplifier in plain sight. Plug the microphone into the amp and the amp into the wall. Turn on the amplifier.
  • Step 3

    Ask for two volunteers. Send one of them (Volunteer 1) to the far corner of the room, and ask the other (Volunteer 2) to stand next to the microphone and amplifier.
  • Steps to Illustrate a Hearing Aid's Function

    • Step 1

      Tell Volunteer 1 to listen for Volunteer 2 to speak. Ask Volunteer 2 to quietly whisper, "Hello."
    • Step 2

      Ask Volunteer 1 if he could hear Volunteer 2 speak. When he says no, explain to the class, "This is how it feels to be hard of hearing. When people can't hear well, they need something to help them hear better---something to make sounds louder. They need hearing aids. Hearing aids make sounds louder."
    • Step 3

      Hold up the hearing aid. Explain that it is made of three parts. Say, "A hearing aid has a tiny microphone, an amplifier and a speaker in it."
    • Step 4

      Point to the larger microphone, amplifier and amplifier speaker, and say, "Pretend that these are the parts of a large hearing aid." Place the microphone behind the large ear cutout. Say, "Now pretend this is [Volunteer 1's] ear."
    • Step 5

      Again, ask Volunteer 1 to raise his hand when he hears Volunteer 2 speak. Ask Volunteer 2 to whisper again, this time into the microphone in the large ear. Volunteer 1 should raise his hand indicating that he could hear Volunteer 2 this time. Explain, "This is how a hearing aid works to help people hear better."
    • 3
    • 1 piece of paper 1 felt-tip pen Scissors Hearing aid Microphone Amplifier with speaker
    • 1 piece of paper
    • 1 felt-tip pen
    • Scissors
    • Hearing aid
    • Microphone
    • Amplifier with speaker

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