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The Best Exercise Routines

by Em Connell McCarty
  • Overview

    By raising your heart rate for 30 minutes a day--five days a week-- you can reduce your stress and depression, increase your energy and stamina, lengthen your lifespan by preventing disease and much more. Regular exercise will help you to look and feel better. All you need to do now is find the best exercise routine for you.
    For the best exercise routines, find activities you enjoy doing.
  • Where Do You Start?

    The most important thing to consider when deciding on your exercise routine is what you enjoy. If you do not enjoy your exercise routine, you are going to find any excuse you can find to not do it. Consider activities you enjoy as you create your exercise routine. Try different exercises. Do some research. It will be worth it to ensure you enjoy your exercise. You can check out books and videos from the library. You can tour some health clubs and check out your local YMCA for classes. Once you decide on some activities and exercises you enjoy, the next thing to consider is variety. Not only will variety help you to stay interested in your exercise routine, but also will it help you to meet the recommendations of the American Heart Association's and the American College of Sports Medicine's guidelines for exercise. Basically, you need to consider doing a combination of aerobic exercise and weight training in order to help strengthen all of your major muscle groups. The best way to get a well-rounded workout is to have variety in your exercise routine. For instance, you can work with weights one day, do a boxing workout the next day and go for a bike ride the day after. This will keep your routine interesting as well as giving you a complete workout.
  • What Do You Need?

    You are at a certain point in your life and this will effect what is the best exercise routine for you. Maybe you have always worked out and are just looking for a more challenging routine, or maybe this is the first time you have committed yourself to getting into shape and you want to find a routine that will ease you into the process of getting into shape. Your age can also be a consideration when deciding on an exercise routine. Health conditions and pregnancy are other factors that will limit what you can do in your workout. Keep in mind that there are specific workouts for pregnant women, the elderly and people with specific health limitations such as bad knees or a bad back. When you research your exercise routines, look for routines that cater to your needs--such as yoga, tai chi or Nordic walking. Similarly, if you are a seasoned athlete, you want to look for a routine that will not bore you or be too easy for you. Check out advanced classes and look for new activities that will challenge you--such as rock climbing, downhill skiing or martial arts.
  • What Do You Want?

    Consider what it is about your workout that keeps you going. Do not join a gym if you do not enjoy working out in front of other people or have trouble leaving your house once you get home in the evening. Similarly, do not buy a video if you need other people around you to get you motivated. Look for a class to take instead. If you enjoy high-impact activities, consider running, mountain biking, basketball or boxing. However, if you want the workout without the possible damage to your joints, find a low-impact exercise routine like power walking, going for long bike rides, swimming or step aerobics. Another factor to consider in your exercise routine is whether you want to be indoors or outdoors. Some people naturally prefer the outdoors and thrive on hiking, biking, swimming or going to the park to play soccer or do tai chi. Others like the privacy and comfort of home and will stick to their exercise routine if they can do it in this environment. With exercise equipment, videos or simply your favorite music, you can do a complete exercise routine in your own living room.

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