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The Effects of Video Games on the Brain

by Louie Doverspike
  • Overview

    Video games today make more money than Hollywood movies. As games have become increasingly mainstream, many people worry about the effects they might have on the brain. While more study is needed, scientists have a pretty good sense of the neurological impact of gaming.
  • Physical Changes

    Studies have shown that video game players have better hand-eye coordination and quicker reaction times.
  • Mental Acuity

    Video game players have a heightened ability to handle distractions and process peripheral information. For example, video game players are faster than non-players at counting objects.
  • Gender Effects

    A study by the Stanford University School of Medicine suggests that video games may activate pleasure centers in male brains more easily than female.
  • Collaboration

    Some studies have suggested that multiplayer video games aid people in collaborative problem-solving in real life.
  • Aggression

    While scientific studies have turned up wildly different results, there is now a general consensus that playing aggressive video games can increase aggression for a short period of time.

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