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Easy Ways to Learn Spanish

by Damin Chu
  • Overview

    Spanish is one of the most useful languages to learn, with over 300 million speakers worldwide. Learning a new language is always a difficult undertaking, and takes time and patience, but there are a number of methods that will make learning Spanish easier and more fun.
  • Say Spanish Everywhere

    Make signs with words for everything in your house. Put a sign saying "la lámpara" on your lamp, an "el refrigerador" sign on your refrigerator, and an "el estante" sign on your bookshelf. Whenever you see these signs in your house you'll start to be able to associate the word with the actual object, similar to the way you learned your first language. Whenever you're doing an activity--in the grocery store, in the park, or at home--name as many things as you can in Spanish. Associating Spanish words with their actual images is a simple way of embedding the words into your memory.
  • Entertainment

    Surround yourself with Spanish music. Buy some pop CD's of catchy, popular singers who sing in Spanish. Billboard has a regular listing of the world's top Latin music acts. While you're listening to the music, you can look at the lyrics and sing along; it will help your listening skills and pronunciation. Go to a movie theater if it's playing a Spanish-speaking film, or rent a couple of films in Spanish. Watching films and Spanish television is an entertaining way to learn useful, colloquial phrases. You can get used to the rhythm of the language as well, and it won't even feel like learning because it's so engaging. If you get a Spanish language channel on your television, watch a couple of programs and see if you pick up any new words. It is especially helpful to watch children's television programming because the language and topics are simple.
  • Conversation Groups

    Find or start a local Spanish conversation group. Check MeetUp.com to see if there's a Spanish language group near you. You can meet every week and discuss a new topic in Spanish. Interacting with other people in Spanish is an easy way to learn the language because you're using the language in a fun way. You can also create special activities to do with the group, such as cooking dishes distinct to Spanish cuisine one day, or watching a telenovela (a Latin American soap opera) together and then discussing it. Try to write your own telenovela with the group and act it out. These are dynamic ways of learning that will allow you to pick up the language easily because you're playing while learning.

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