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Early Child Development & Care

by Contributing Writer
  • Overview

    Early childhood is one of the most important stages of growth and development in life. What they learn at this stage begins from the day they are born until they are about eight years old.
  • Social

    During these most vulnerable years, it is important to help the child develop social skills. These skills consist of helping your child learn how to share, communicate, and play with others, according to communitygateway.org.
  • Physical

    Your child will begin to develop motor skills. At first these motor skills will pertain to lifting their head, rolling over, and walking; which are called large or gross motor skills to transferring items from hand to hand, cutting, and coloring which are called fine motor skills, according to sensory-processing-disorder.com.
  • Intellectual

    Increase their vocabulary through reading and developing communication skills will help your child become more intellectual, according to kidsdevelopment.co.uk.
  • Creative

    Exposing your child to music, art, and reading will help your child become more creative, according to creativityinstitute.com.
  • Emotional

    This skill can be taught by teaching your child how to cope with their feelings, become self- aware, and have self-confidence within themselves, according to kidsdevelopment.com.
  • Early child care

    This is the process of caring for young children. Childcare providers help the child during their educational process as well as teaching morality and self-discipline.

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