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DIY Wedding Floral Pins

by Kristin Wood
  • Overview

    Creating your own floral pins with artificial flowers for your wedding can be a cheaper alternative, and can also give your wedding a more personal, thoughtful and sentimental touch. Real flowers eventually die and store-bought pins won't touch the heart of your family members in the same way as a homemade gift. When you create your own wedding floral pins, you have complete control. You can make the pins as traditional or creative as you wish, and your family will have a special keepsake to remember your wedding for years to come.
  • Brainstorming

    Brainstorming a variety of ideas before taking action can be a lifesaver throughout the entire wedding planning process. Start off your do-it-yourself wedding floral pins by looking through wedding magazines, bridal websites or browsing along the artificial flower section of a crafts store. Make notes or drawings of what you definitely like and definitely don't like. Keep the color scheme of your wedding in mind as you begin to form ideas.
  • Discussion

    Remember that although these pins are for your wedding, they will not be worn by you. Before purchasing supplies, be considerate by discussing tastes and preferences with those who will be wearing the floral pins. Find out if they have smaller and simpler tastes, or whether they would be honored to wear something large and detailed. This would also be a good time to ask about color preferences, so don't forget to ask which shades they would prefer within the larger wedding color scheme. Your family members will be thankful that you consulted them before beginning your project.
  • Purchasing Materials

    You will need to buy artificial flowers, artificial leaves, pin backs, craft glue and sharp scissors. Purchasing materials can be done at a local crafts store or online. While going to a crafts store might seem like the quickest strategy, online shops will offer a larger variety. You will pay a little extra for shipping, and you'll have to wait for your items to arrive, but it might be worth it to get just the right floral design.
  • The Project

    Start off your craft by removing the stem of the flower. Some fake flowers are assembled so you can just pop the head off, but others will have to be cut very closely. Use craft glue to attach the flower to the pin. Press down firmly for 10 seconds. If the flower is not large enough to completely cover the pin, you can glue on fake leaves. Allow the glue to dry before trying to wear the pin or moving it around a lot.

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