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Directions for Making a Spa Wrap for a Child

by Alexis Vega-Singer
  • Overview

    If you've ever tried to wrestle a slippery four-year-old into a bathrobe or rushed to your grade-schooler's rescue after she tripped on her dragging towel at the pool, you're ready for an easier method of keeping your child modest. Try a spa wrap. A spa wrap takes as little as fifteen minutes to make, but can save your child from the embarrassment caused by falling towels or gaping bathrobes.
  • Materials

    You'll need a towel, hook-and-loop tape, and a sewing machine and supplies to make a simple spa wrap. To decide what size towel, measure your child around her chest. The towel should wrap around her with about six inches of overlap, so you can use a standard bath towel for an older child, or trim some of the length from the towel and hem it for a younger one. The towel should be wide enough to hang at least to mid-thigh when wrapped. Save money by using an old towel, or let your child choose a new brightly colored plush towel to include her in the process. Buy hook-and-loop tape at a sewing or craft store. Make sure to buy the sew-on type, not the stick-on type.
  • Directions

    If the towel is too long, measure the correct length, leaving two extra inches for the hem, and then cut the towel. Hem it with a sewing machine (hem tape will not be durable enough). Lay the towel on a flat surface. (If you've hemmed the towel, the hemmed edge should be face down on the left, so it will be hidden when the towel is wrapped.) Cut a six-inch length of the hook-and-loop tape, and starting at the top left corner, pin the fuzzy side horizontally along the top edge. Then, on the opposite side of the towel, pin the rough side of the tape horizontally along the top starting at the right edge. When the towel is wrapped, the hooks (the rough side) and the loops (the fuzzy side) will meet. Sew down the tape on all sides, and remove the pins. Voila! The spa wrap is done, and your child is ready for a modest walk to the bath or pool.
  • Decorative Touches

    If your child is very active, you can add straps by simply repurposing some of the material you cut off when you hemmed the towel, or use a contrasting fabric for decorative interest. Cut two strips about two inches wide, fold each strip in half, and sew along the open edge to make a narrow tube shape. Reshape the tube so the sewn edge faces the shoulder, and attach the straps to the inside of the front and back of the wrap. (Having a live model will help you pin the straps in the right place.) For additional decoration, add a fabric ruffle, ribbon, or rickrack along the bottom and outer edges of the wrap.

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