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How to Find Credit Card Companies

by Kahlie Richards
  • Overview

    A credit card is a line of credit granted by a bank or credit union to a user by issuing a plastic card. It is commonly used by the card user to pay for goods or services, or to make a cash advance. The great advantages of using a credit card are its convenience and fast processing. There are different types of cards offered by credit card companies in order to give different options to their clients. Therefore, if you decide to apply for a credit card, you need to find credit card companies. It will be much faster to find them online using the power of Internet technology.
  • Step 1

    Visit the Index Credit Cards website for complete list of credit card companies (see References). The list is alphabetically arranged according to the credit card companies and types of credit cards.
  • Step 2

    Browse the list provided. Select the credit card you are interested in by clicking its highlighted link.
  • Step 3

    Check the credit card company website in order to get more information on the credit card services offered.
  • Step 4

    Go to either the Card Report or Credit Cards website, if necessary (see References). You can search by the type of card, credit quality, bank or issuer, or state.
  • Step 5

    Check the list and look for the credit card company or companies you are considering. Click the link or links needed until you will reach the page for the information you are looking for.
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