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How to Create a Business Fax Form

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    Every business needs a fax form despite our increasing reliance on computerized electronic means of communicating. For some business communications, only an exact copy of a document delivered in an expedited way will fill the need. Since the facsimile was first introduced, it was common practice to include a cover page with the actual document that specifies certain important information about the recipient, sender, and other pertinent information related to the document being sent. Creating a fax form for a business is easy.
  • Creating a Business Fax Form

  • Step 1

    Use 8.5 x 11 inch plain white paper to create your fax form. This is the standard size paper for the majority of business documents and the typical size used for business faxes. Aim to create a simple form that quickly and clearly communicates for whom the document is intended. A fax form should contain a few very important fields of information, including recipient name, business name, fax number and landline business phone number. Adding the company's logo to a business fax form gives it the formal presentation important for most businesses. The sender's name and contact phone number is also needed. The sender's fax number is not as important as the recipient's fax number.
  • Step 2

    Other pertinent information that must be part of a business fax form includes the day's date as well as the Subject of the collective documents being sent. The Subject is usually expressed in as few words as possible while capturing the essence of the document. Large firms may receive a number of simultaneous faxes whose pages can get mixed up during transmission. It's important to count and note the number of pages being sent on the form. Most fax forms count the form itself in the total number of pages.
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    Fax forms also contain an area where a detailed explanation can be communicated, if needed. This information is generally informal, however it does allow for greater information to be communicated to explain what's needed from the recipient, or to give more explanatory information.
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    There should also be a legal notice provided on the fax form that signals the official nature of the fax as well as a request to contact the sender should the faxed documents be inadvertently sent to the wrong recipient.
  • Step 5

    Microsoft Office's Word software program has a number of facsimile templates that you can use to create a professional-looking facsimile that contains fields for inputting the pertinent information found on a fax form. Find these templates by opening a "New" document in Word.
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