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About Corey Smith Concerts

by Deb McLeod
  • Overview

    Corey Smith is a Southern-based singer and musician whose primary audience is college students. Though he is not signed to a record label, he is a self-made millionaire who has applied strong business strategies to his musical career, focusing on low-priced concert tickets and his constant and friendly contact with fans. He tours regularly and offers fee-free tickets through his website.
  • Background

    Smith grew up in Georgia, and says that he was influenced by Southern artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd and George Jones as well as bands like Nirvana. Following his education at the University of Georgia, Smith became a high school teacher and began performing locally around town. Within a few years, Smith was working full-time as a musician and singer. In July 2009, a Washington Post article on Smith highlighted the fact that while he has never been signed to a record label, he has made more than $4 million with his music.
  • Style of Music

    Some have described Smith's music as rockabilly but Smith himself thinks of his music as country but with a twist. Many of the songs talk about things college kids can relate to, like drinking until all hours of the morning, partying and hanging both with people you know well and new friends made during an evening out. The songs place a heavy emphasis on guitar, which Smith plays. True to his country and Southern roots, there's also a healthy sampling of percussion instruments.
  • Concert Schedules

    Smith is not signed to a label and sets his own tour schedule with the help of his manager. He advertises his concerts through his Facbeook page, through Twitter, on MySpace and on YouTube. Smith tours regularly throughout the year, focusing on the geographic area that has made him well-known -- the South. His tour stops in May 2010, for example, included stops in Indiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and North Carolina. Other areas in which Smith regularly tours include the east coast, including New York and Washington, DC. Smith's full concert schedule is available on his website.
  • Concert Tickets

    Unlike many artists, Smith is personally involved in setting ticket prices when he can do so. Most shows offer student pricing and some offer free tickets as well. In addition, Smith runs his own "ticket outlet" online where fans can buy tickets with no convenience fees; he also partners with some local businesses so fans can buy tickets that are fee-free. Smith's website offers links to the ticket outlet or to other sites that are selling tickets if Smith isn't selling them directly himself.
  • Future

    Smith has said he enjoys the live concert experience and the freedom he gets from setting his own schedule, writing his own songs and making his way without a record label. Because he has found a lucrative place for himself, he says he will likely continue touring and recording independently, and will continue to provide low-priced tickets and accessibility to his fans.
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