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How to Convert a WMA File to an MP3 File on Mac

by Edward Ha
  • Overview

    The file extension WMA refers to the Windows Media Audio files, mostly used in applications such as Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. WMA files are compatible with most audio file players. The file extension MP3 refers to the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 files. These files usually require less memory to store audio data than WMA files and are commonly used in MP3 players on the market today.
  • Step 1

    Download the free program All2MP3 from download.com. Go to http://download.cnet.com/All2MP3/3000-2140_4-190407.html and click "Download Now."
  • Step 2

    Unzip the .zip file and install the program All2MP3. When you unzip the file, you will get a .mpkg installer file. Double click this .mpkg file to install the program.
  • Step 3

    Launch the All2MP3 application. Drag and drop the WMA files on the All2MP3 window.
  • Step 4

    Right click on the WMA files and select "Get Info" to identify the bit rate of the original audio file. Select the bit rate closest to the identified bit rate at the bottom of the All2MP3 window. This bit rate may not be higher than that of the original file.
  • Step 5

    Press the All2MP3 button and convert WMA files to MP3 files. Multiple files may be converted all at once if more than one file was dragged on to the window. The converted file will be saved in the folder where the original file is located.
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