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How to Convert to a Newer Version of QuickBooks Pro

by Anthony Smith
  • Overview

    Quickbooks accounting software has developed a loyal following of users since its release by Intuit, Inc. The program has allowed business owners to handle many of their accounting tasks themselves, decreasing their costs for a CPA. Intuit improves the software and expands its features with each new release. If you are a Quickbooks user, you may want to stay current and upgrade to the latest version of the software.
  • Step 1

    Get the 15-digit product license number from your current version of Quickbooks and have it handy, you will need it to get the discounted upgrade price.
  • Step 2

    Log on to the Internet and go to the Quickbooks upgrade page on the Intuit website. The URL for this page is listed in the resources section below.
  • Step 3

    Select the version of Quickbooks to which you wish to convert by clicking on it. Enter your 15-digit product license number when prompted and follow the on-screen purchase and download instructions.
  • Step 4

    Open the new Quickbooks software once it is finished downloading. You will then be prompted by the program to open and back up your existing company files and all Quickbooks files.
  • Step 5

    Open and save your existing company files to a location of your choice. Quickbooks will now automatically convert these files for use in the new version and you are ready to go.
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