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How to Connect Computers With a Bluetooth

by Contributing Writer
  • Overview

    Bluetooth is a way for computers to connect within a short range, making your lifestyle more wireless but also secure. Other devices can also connect with each other through Bluetooth, such as cellphones. Connecting two computers with Bluetooth will allow you to transfer data between the computers. It is a low-power connection, which doesn't drain your battery power instantly. You will need computers that are Bluetooth-ready.
  • Step 1

    Locate the network connections folder in one of the computers to set up your connection settings. If you're using a Windows computer, this is likely to be under Control Panel, and if you're using a Mac, this is under System Preferences. The Bluetooth options will be housed under the folder where you can also configure your network connections.
  • Step 2

    Click on the "Bluetooth" options. Enable the "Discoverable" Bluetooth option so that your computer will be visible to other devices that have a Bluetooth connection. On a post-it note, list down the username or sharing name of this computer so that you know what name to locate with the other computer later.
  • Step 3

    Go to the other computer and configure the Bluetooth options for that computer. Click the "Discoverable" option so that the first computer can also locate the other computer.
  • Step 4

    Locate the first computer by looking through the list of devices with a Bluetooth connection under the Bluetooth options. A list of devices with Bluetooth will show up on the list, as well as the status of each device, if your computer is connected to it or not. Click on the first computer's name on the list and enable the connection.
  • Step 5

    Click on the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar. A drop-down options menu will pop-up, and you may select "Send File" to send files between computers, or "Browse device" if you just want to look through the files on the other computer. You may also use the "Browse device" option to look for the file you need and request it from the first computer.
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