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About Congestive Heart Failure Treatment

by Lysis
  • Overview

    Congestive heart failure is a serious cardiovascular disease in which the heart muscle is unable to meet the blood supply needs of the body. The heart weakens, high blood pressure occurs, and the patient goes into cardiac arrest. Congestive heart failure is reversible through diet, exercise and vitamin supplements.
  • Symptoms

    Congestive heart failure occurs gradually. The main symptoms of the disease are fatigue and weakness. More severe symptoms include weight gain from fluid retention and kidney failure.
  • Causes

    Causes are from damage to the heart, mainly from hypertension and heart disease. As vessels close from arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure occurs, creating higher demands on the heart.
  • Diagnosis

    Diagnosis of congestive heart failure is done through blood tests and heart readings. The heart is monitored with an EKG test, which graphs abnormal heart beats.
  • Treatment

    Treatment is through drug therapy and diet changes. Lower cholesterol levels in diet help eliminate arteriosclerosis. Drugs such as beta blockers slows the heart to a normal level.
  • Prevention

    Keep a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of foods with omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats remove triglycerides from the blood, which are responsible for heart disease.

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