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Computers & Arthritis

by April Paris
  • Overview

    Arthritis is a principal cause of workplace disability. Many who suffer from arthritis turn to less strenuous work with computers. According to Medical News Today, 56 percent of people use computers at work. However, even simple keyboard use can cause arthritis pain.
  • Arthritis Facts

    The CDC estimates that over 19 million people have arthritis. The pain associated with arthritis may tempt some to limit their movements, but in reality this can make symptoms worse.
  • Dangers of Computers

    Repetitive movement and remaining in one position, such as working on a computer, puts the general population at risk for musculoskeletal pain. Those with arthritis are at particular risk.
  • Considerations

    Finding a comfortable position while working on a keyboard or with a mouse is a main complaint of arthritis and fibromyalgia patients, according to recent study published in "Arthritis & Rheumatism."
  • Ergonomics

    Implementing proper ergonomics can reduce the strain of computer use. An adjustable keyboard or work surface will leave the wrists and elbows in a comfortable position.
  • Prevention/Solution

    The Mayo Clinic recommends that people with arthritis take frequent breaks, stretch and periodically shift position to avoid pain and stiffness.

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