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Common Sense Remedies for Cold or Flu

by Joey Papa
  • Overview

    In the United States, an estimated 25 to 50 million cases of the flu are reported each year, according to FluFacts.com, leading to 150,000 hospitalizations and 30,000 to 40,000 deaths yearly. While there are no cures for the flu or the common cold, there are some common sense remedies to help the body fight and recoup. When your body is under attack from a virus or bacteria, you should build up your immune system, avoid other people who are infected and practice good hygiene.
  • Build Up the Immune System

    Build up the immune system to help the body fight off the cold or flu. Sleeping is one of the most effective ways to build up the immune system and help the body regenerate itself. Sleep at least eight hours at night and nap as often as you can during the day. If you feel tired, sleep. Do not push yourself to do normal daily activities. Rest whenever you feel weak or tired. Drink at least six 8 oz. glasses of water on a daily basis to help the body flush out unwanted toxins in bacteria. Stay away from other beverages such as sodas, juices and other sugary drinks. Sip on herbal teas to warm the body and sooth the throat. Eat a well-balanced diet including whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid Sickness

    Avoid crowded places and people who might be sick. Stay away from public places such as malls, churches and schools where sickness is prevalent. As long as you don't feel well, stay indoors, in bed or lying around the house. If you can, take sick days from school or work. If you go somewhere and see a person coughing, sneezing or just not looking healthy, avoid him. Do not go to hospitals or day care centers. Avoid people who are sneezing, especially if he is not using a tissue or covering his or mouth or not washing his hands afterward.
  • Practice Hygiene

    Practicing good hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent and treat symptoms of the common cold and flu. Wash your hands as often as possible as hand washing is the best way to avoid the spreading and recurrence of a cold or flu, according to the Mayo Clinic. Wash your hands with hot, soapy water for 20 seconds and then use a paper towel to dry your hands. Use hand sanitizer whenever soap and water is not available and you have touched money, used the rest room or come in contact with a public item. Shower daily, wash your sheets every other day and continue to practice good dental hygiene. FluFacts.com also claims that using a tissue while sneezing will prevent the spreading of sickness.

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