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Cellulitis Causes & Treatment

by Brandon Smith
  • Overview

    Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection that has the potential to become life threatening if not treated. Two of the most common bacterias that cause cellulitis are streptococcus and staphylococcus. Some insects carry the bacteria, and can transmit cellulitis to humans through a bite.
  • Symptoms

    Symptoms of cellulitis may include a cluster of red, itchy bumps that appear swollen and tender or warm to the touch.
  • Oral Treatment

    The most common treatment for cellulitis is a prescription oral antibiotic such as Keflex. If the infection fails to clear up after taking oral antibiotics you may need stronger antibiotics.
  • Intravenous Treatment

    In more severe cases of cellulitis, hospitalization may be required so that intravenous antibiotics can be administered.
  • Surgical Treatment

    Surgical treatment may be required in order to remove any infected tissue that is not cleared up after antibiotic treatment.
  • Prevention

    You may be able to prevent cellulitis by keeping any open wounds clean and covered until they have fully healed.

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