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Can Liquor Be Used to Clean Out a Wound?

by Jules Stark
  • Overview

    Liquor is sometimes shown as an appropriate cleaning agent for wounds in popular media. However, liquor and other alcohols should not be used to clean a wound. Instead, use proper wound care guidelines for first aid.
  • Effect on Healing

    Experts advise that alcohol (of any kind) and hydrogen peroxide should never be used to clean or disinfect a wound, as these substances can interfere with the healing of a wound.
  • Proper Cleaning

    Use running water to properly clean a wound. Soap may be used around the actual injury but it may irritate the wound.
  • Proper Disinfection

    A thin layer of antibiotic ointment or cream can be used to disinfect a wound appropriately.
  • Other Guidelines

    After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, cover it with a bandage until it has healed enough to be exposed to the air. Change the dressing as needed.
  • Warnings

    Stitches may be required for deep injuries. Keep an eye on the wound for signs of infection after first aid. A tetanus booster shot may be recommended for some wounds.

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