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How Can I Add a Add-On in Internet Explorer 7?

by Contributing Writer
  • Overview

    Internet Explorer is Microsoft's web browser and is included with all Windows operating systems. The newer versions have proven to be a safe and secure Internet tools, and with Firefox recently facing security problems of its own, many people have given Internet Explorer a second chance. Installing optional add-ons gives the browser even more capabilities and options.
  • Check Installed Add-ons

    Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" on the bar at the top right side of the browser window. Click "Manage Add-ons" to open a new window. Scroll through the list on the right side of the Add-ons window to see installed add-on options and helpers. Look for add-ons listed as "Unknown" or "Not Verified"to help troubleshoot browser problems or verify that add-ons are enabled. You can also enable and disable add-ons to help locate installed options that may be causing problems. Click the drop-down box under "Show" on the left to change categories or set permissions. Click once to highlight any add-on to view options and information that may be available for that entry.
  • Add new Add-ons

    Click "Find more toolbars and extensions" in the bottom left corner of the "Manage Add-ons" window to launch the Internet Explorer add-ons website. Scroll through the categories on the left to find add-ons for specific tasks. Click on "Newest" to see the latest additions to the add-on gallery. Find the tool you would like to use and click on it to read more information about it. Once you are sure you'd like to install it, click the link labeled "Add to Internet Explorer," then run the installer. Once it launches, read through any available messages and options to enable or disable additional add-on features you might want to skip. You may have to close and re-open Internet Explorer to complete the installation and make the new add-on available.
  • Enable, DIsable, or Remove Add-ons

    Once add-ons are installed, you can chose to view, make changes or disable them from a few different locations. Many add-ons can not be removed once they have been installed, but can easily be disabled if they cause trouble or don't perform the task you are looking for. Open the Manage Add-ons window to view the installed tools, then highlight the add-on you wish to disable. Click "Disable" at the bottom right side of the window to shut down the optional tool. Many add-ons show up as toolbars at the top of Internet Explorer and can be hidden from view by clicking the "View" button on the Internet Explorer toolbar, then Toolbars. Find the toolbar you want to wish to show/hide and then click on it to add or remove a check from the entry.

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