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How to Build a Boot Disk or CD

by Joe Rivers
  • Overview

    When you purchase a copy of Windows Vista (or Windows 7 for that matter), you can use the primary disk as a bootable repair disk as well. This disk can be used to fix any issues that may keep you from booting directly into Windows. However, many computers are sold with Windows pre-installed and therefore do not come with boot disks. Luckily, a group known has put out a file that can be burnt to any CD to be used as a boot disk.
  • Step 1

    Navigate to Neosmart Recovery Disk Download (See Resources) and click the link to the operating system you use. This will save a torrent file to your computer.
  • Step 2

    Navigate to uTorrent (See Resources). Install uTorrent and open the torrent file you just downloaded. Allow uTorrent to finish downloading the file.
  • Step 3

    Navigate to ImgBurn and download and install ImgBurn to your computer.
  • Step 4

    Open ImgBurn and select "Browse for a file." Select the file that you download with uTorrent.
  • Step 5

    Place your blank CD in your computer and press the "Write" button in ImgBurn. Allow for ImgBurn to finish.
  • 3
  • Web browser Blank disk CD / DVD burner
  • Web browser
  • Blank disk
  • CD / DVD burner

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