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What Are the Benefits of Membership Cards?

by Anne-Marie Monroe
  • Overview

    Membership cards are available from many retailers, airlines and credit card companies, as well as from other businesses and national organizations. These cards provide discounts, reward points or access to services that are exclusive to specific groups. Usually there is a cost to join and the benefits of membership cards vary.
  • Lower Prices

    Wholesale shopping centers such as Costco allow members to buy products in bulk at lower prices than regular stores. These memberships offer long-term savings because you get more for less money.
  • Rewards

    Members of loyalty programs have the option to collect reward points that can be redeemed for purchase merchandise. Air Miles, for example, enables its 9.5 million active members to earn reward miles towards airfare.
  • Preferred Treatment

    Certain memberships offer access to preferred tickets for popular events. Members never have to wait in line as part of their membership privileges.
  • Cash Back

    Cash rebates let members use dollars for regular purchases or to reduce monthly credit card bills.
  • Insurance Coverage

    Credit cards that require an annual membership fee often provide insurance coverage on car rentals and plane flights when they are charged to the account. Instead of paying for insurance out of your pocket, you are automatically covered.

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