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Becoming a High School Art Teacher

by Wanda Brito
  • Becoming a High School Art Teacher
    Becoming a High School Art Teacher
  • Education Required

    If you are interested in becoming a high school art teacher, the first step you should take is to obtain a bachelor's degree in art education. You can also get your bachelor's in education while taking classes in an art-related area. If you already have a bachelor's degree in fine arts, visual arts, studio arts, art history or design, you will need to take a teacher education program in order to teach. Teacher education programs generally involve a student-teaching internship, and most result in a master of education degree.
  • Teaching License

    Aside from the educational requirements, a teaching license is necessary to teach in public schools. Private schools may not require teachers to have a teaching license. The requirements to obtain a teaching license differ by state, but generally entail passing basic skills and teaching competency exams. An art teaching license may include an exam in the area of specialization as well.
  • Getting Hired

    The majority of high schools need to have at least one art teacher. High schools that focus on the arts will probably need to have more art teachers. Once you have completed your student teaching internship, you are able to apply for available positions. Another way to get permanent employment is to begin as a substitute teacher. You can then work your way up to a full-time position as an art teacher when the opportunity presents itself.