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Baby Crib Bedding Safety

by Alaina Forbes
  • Overview

    Many cute crib bedding items pose a possible hazard to the baby.
    Picking out a baby's new crib bedding can be exciting. Adorable colors and patterns make this a fun shopping event; however, safety should always be the first consideration.
  • Mattress

    A firm mattress is the best choice for a baby's crib to avoid cushioning that could cause suffocation. Mattress covers, if used, should zip closed to prevent them from coming loose.
  • Pillows

    Pillows should never be used in a crib. The Consumer Product Safety Commission found that in reports of death caused by bedding in the crib, more than half were from an infant ending up face-down in a pillow or other bedding.
  • Bumpers

    Crib bumpers originally were thought to protect babies from injuring themselves on the sides of the crib, but this is very uncommon. The Journal of Pediatrics now considers a crib bumper unsafe because it can strangle or suffocate an infant.
  • Blankets

    Thick comforters and quilts should not be used. If using a blanket, it should be a thin blanket tucked around the mattress, covering the bottom half of the baby.
  • Toys

    Stuffed animals should not be placed in the crib. Hanging crib toys should be adjusted so that they are out of the baby's reach and cannot become a strangulation hazard.

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