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After-School Games for Kids

by Christopher Reeves
  • Kids often need to unwind after school, and playing a game with friends is one of the best ways to relax and have fun. After-school games are often simple and silly because the point is to enjoy a little down time before settling in for homework and chores.
    After-school games are a fun way to unwind.
  • Marshmallow Fling

    This is an ideal game for a small group of kids, divided into teams of two, to play after school. The object of the game is to fling a marshmallow at your partner for him to catch. The first team to successfully catch 10 marshmallows wins. To make it challenging, you must use a spoon to fling the marshmallow and your partner must catch it in a small bag while standing 10 feet away in a designated area he cannot leave. To establish the boundaries of the catcher's area, use masking tape to create a small square for the catcher to stand in for the duration of the game.
  • Manhunt

    This variation of tag begins with the designated player chasing after the rest of the group. Each kid she tags then becomes another catcher until all of the children have been caught. Kids who love horror movies can change the game into monster tag, where the group is running away from a fast werewolf or a lumbering zombie.
  • Fear Factor

    Children often like gross things, and there are several kids games modeled after the popular show Fear Factor. You can challenge your friends to eat a gummy bug skewer that you made by putting various creepy-crawly gummy treats on plastic skewers. Another gross-out game that is appropriate for kids is to have them eat a pig's ear that is made out of cookie dough with caramel drizzled over it to resemble ear wax. Use common sense and play it safe with these games. Avoid anything that might be dangerous like bobbing for food in ice water or anything involving live animals or fire.

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