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Activities for Anxiety Disorder

by Mar Vin
  • Overview

    When most people think of treatment for anxiety disorder, they think of medication. However, there are many activities those with anxiety can participate in to alleviate their symptoms.
  • Self-Help Groups

    Many areas offer self-help groups to help those with anxiety. These involve meetings, usually on a weekly or monthly basis, where you can meet with others who experience a similar problem.
  • Identification

    Zero in on the problems that may contribute to anxiety. This may include abuse of drugs or alcohol, overeating, gambling, or working too much.
  • Avoidance

    Try to abstain from any activity that may contribute to stress or anxiety attacks. For example, if you have identified alcohol consumption as a behavior you engage in, cut back on drinking alcohol. The same goes for any other habit that perpetuates anxiety.
  • Exercise

    Many forms of exercise can lessen anxiety and improve well-being. Participating in your favorite sport or doing yoga or meditation can work wonders in providing relaxation.
  • Warning

    Consult a psychotherapist so he can measure your level of anxiety. You may be able to be treated with activities only, or he may want to combine activities with treatment by medication.

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