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How to Access the Registry From a Recovery Console

by Lysis
  • Overview

    The Windows registry is a group of files on your computer that save all the hardware and software settings. If the files are corrupted or accidentally deleted, the machine may not boot properly. You can find a copy of the registry files on the hard drive, which you can access and view in your Windows Recovery Console, available from the Windows installation CD.
    The Windows registry saves hardware and software settings.
  • Step 1

    Insert the Windows installation CD into your computer and reboot the machine. The computer will boot directly to the installation screen. Press the "R" button to choose "Recovery Console."
  • Step 2

    Select the Windows installation you want to access. For most users, only one copy of Windows is installed, so click the "1" button to select the first option.
  • Step 3

    Enter the administrator password, and the Windows command prompt will be displayed.
  • Step 4

    Enter "cd c:\windows\system32\config\" into the command prompt. This directory contains all your registry files.
  • Step 5

    Type "dir" into the command prompt and press "Enter." The "dir" command lists all the files within a directory. This will display all the files, so you know which ones to edit or back up.
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